Fitness Classes are now included with your Annual Membership or Punch Card! Fitness classes are open to anyone High School and older. Middle School youth can attend fitness classes with an adult, age 18 and older.


  • Class Descriptions

    Abs & Glute Strength
    Instructor: Hannah Doane

    Abs & Glute Strength focuses on trimming and toning the core of the body, abdominals, lower back, hips, glutes and thighs. Exercises will be performed on a mat.

    Bootcamp in the Park
    Instructor: Sarah Oltmans

    Increase your speed, agility, and strength through a variety of training methods that will be an efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. Boot Camp is a great way to challenge your body and reach your goals. This work out will be a combination of body weight exercises and high intensity cardio drills to build muscle and get your heart pumping! This class is moved indoors during winter months.

    Cardio Kickboxing
    Instructor: Sarah Oltmans

    Cardio Kickboxing is a non-contact, aerobic kickboxing workout that utilizes basic techniques for punching and kicking, as well as basic body conditioning exercises. This class offers a combination of intense kickboxing moves, all perfectly choreographed to high energy and motivating music.

    Functional Fitness
    Instructor: Taylor Doane & Hannah Doane

    This class focuses on fictional cardio movement and strength patters designed to increase flexible strength for daily living activities. Class begins with lightweight warm-ups then moves into working core muscles, upper body strength training and lower body exercises and ends with cool-down exercises and muscle stretches. This class is designed to improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. Bring a yoga or workout mat and water to class.

    Mat Pilates
    Instructor: Taylor Doane

    Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core (trunk) muscles while also training your arms and legs. Practicing Mat Pilates helps build a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility. As you progress in your practice you will notice improvements in breathing, focus, stress management, and body awareness.

    Pilates Barre Fusion
    Instructor: Taylor Doane & Hannah Doane

    Pilates Barre Fusion is a combination of strength training, pilates, and ballet barre work to create a workout that targets the body as a whole. This class will help enhance posture by focusing on core strength, optimal alignment of the joints, and improved balance. Pilates Barre Fusion is a low impact class that is great for anyone at any fitness level looking to increase flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

    Power Yoga
    Instructor: Ashley Champlain

    Power Yoga which is also known as Vinyasa Yoga is a fast-paced style of yoga that focuses on building strength and endurance. It is also an excellent form of yoga for burning calories.

    Ashley Champlain

    Increase muscle strength, range of movement, and improve activities for daily living. You'll have a chair for seated exercises and standing support. The instructor can modify the exercises for your fitness level. The Park District will provide chairs, bands, weights and workout balls. Classes are held indoors at the Byron PE Center.

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    Slow Burn Vinyasa Yoga
    Dennell Pluymert

    Slow Burn Vinyasa Yoga is slower movement into the Asanas(poses), longer hold times of Asanas to engage the muscles and create strength and flexibility. This is a strong yoga where you will flow smoothly from one asana to the next while integrating breathingt o movements. The class will help you balance your mind and go deeper into the breath using slower sequences. Great for all levels beginner to advanced.(Multi-Level)

    Stretch & Flex
    Taylor Doane

    Stretch & Flex is a 45-minute deep stretch class that incorporates standing and seated positions to open and lengthen the muscles. Along with stretching, this class will also focus on stabilizing the joints for a safer and better range of motion. Incorporating frequent stretching and mobility work compliments regular exercise routines to help you stay injury and pain-free. This class offers many modifications and progressions for stretches to help anyone at any level increase their flexibility and range of motion.

    Total Body Fitness
    Taylor Doane & Ashley Champlain

    Total Body Fitness is geared towards those who are looking for a gentle but effective approach to exercise. This class is low impact and is a circuit based workout combining strength and cardio based exercises. Weights and resistance bands will be used to work your upper and lower body, along with abdominal exercises that do not require you to get on the floor. Each class will conclude with a cool down consisting of gentle stretches to help recover your body and bring your heart rate back down.

    Instructor: Erin Mumma

    Start your day off right, with TRX Fusion! This is a circuit style, high-intensity class that will get you sweating. TRX Suspension Training uses body-weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. You'll get a calorie blasting workout that will challenge you from start to finish! This class is moved indoors during the winter months.

    Yin Yoga
    Instructor: Dennell Pluymert

    Yin Yoga is slower-paced and allows you to relax deeper and let go. Increases flexibility, mobility, reduces stress,& opens the facia to promote better circulation. Strengthens the connective tissues & joints. The postures are held for longer periods of time (1-5 minutes).The focus is on relaxation breath and breathing into the muscles. Great for all levels beginner to advanced.

  • Class Descriptions

    Family Fitness Fun Workout

    June 10, July 15 & August 5 at 8:00 am

    Bring the whole family for a fun workout that incorporates a variety of cardio, muscular strength, and endurance activities. Stations will be set up to allow you to move at your own speed. This class is FREE with your membership!

    Kids Sweat

    Instructor: Ashley Champlain & Hannah Doane

    Kids Sweat is a 45-minute class for children ages 8-12 that is designed to introduce kids to healthy living habits and making fitness fun. Workouts will focus on total body conditioning as well as coordination, balance, and aerobic output.

    Little Fitness
    Instructor: Ashley Champlain & Hannah Doane

    Little Fitness is for ages 3-10. The fun comes first and we guarantee there is a lot of it during this fitness program! Games, dance, and movement--it's all included and designed to make you stronger, faster, and more agile.

    Middle School Fitness Center Orientation
    Instructor: Ashley Champlain

    6th - 8th grade boys and girls will be able to take an orientation class on weight training in the Fitness Center. Individuals must register in advance. Once you successfully complete the 1-hour orientation class (two 30 minute classes) you will be allowed to purchase passes or pay the daily admission to use the Fitness Center when accompanied by an adult, 18 yrs & older and out of high school. Each accompanying adult, will only be allowed to supervise up to two (2) individuals at a time. This class is held every 3rd Tuesday/Thursday of the month; 3:30-4:00 p.m.
    Fee: $10

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  • 8 Week Move Challenge

    If you're looking for a fun yet doable fitness challenge right now, you'll love this FREE 8 week walking or running challenge. It's great for anyone who is looking to get started exercising, or those who are already active but want a little extra fun motivation for the summer. Our end goal will be the Byron Fest 5K!We're offering two options for this challenge:

    Option 1 is a challenge based on how many days you have walked/ran at least 30 minutes each time in the 8 weeks.

    Option 2 is a challenge with mileage, how many miles can you go within the 8 weeks. You pick your challenge. Participants that stick with the challenge for the entire 8 weeks will be put into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

    Date: May 13 - July 8
    Fee: FREE

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