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Meet the Instructors

Cultural Arts Program Manager- Jessica Julian

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Jessica has been teaching dance for twenty years. She loves teaching all styles of dance and is wonderful with dancers of all ages. Her passion for music and kids shines through in her creative choreography and class atmosphere! Jessica was a member of Fourth Movement, a semi-professional ensemble that toured in Europe. She has also danced all over the United States and won many awards at both regional and national levels while competing. Her choreography has been featured at several dance studios in the Stateline area. She has enthusiasm for teaching, and it shows! Jessica always gets the very best out of her students with her wonderful choreography and the positive environment she creates.

Dance Instructor- Erin Spedding

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Erin grew up dancing at various studios in the Rockford area and studied all areas of dance with an emphasis in Musical Theater and Tap. Erin has over 20 years of teaching and choreography experience with dancers of all ages and levels in various styles of dance. In 2009, Erin opened her own studio and lead a very successful competitive dance program achieving various choreography, performance and studio awards at both the regional and national level. In 2015, Erin stepped away from the studio to spend more time with her husband and two daughters. She is excited to be a part of the Byron Dance Academy staff and is looking forward to sharing her passion and love for dance and the performing arts.

Recital Dance Classes

BALLET will provide an environment where dancers will be able to challenge themselves and grow. Ballet serves as a great foundation for all styles of dance. It allows each dancer to improve essential skills such as balance, coordination, discipline and overall strength. This class will offer ballet barre technique as well as across the floor combination. There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

BOYS' CLASS will explore the worlds of tap and hip hop! Dancers will spend time learning techniques from both styles. Each week they will master choreographed steps that will provide an atmosphere in which their confidence and skill will grow. There will be two dances performed in the recitals.

COMBO LEVEL 1, 2 & 3 will help dancers discover three ways to have a blast dancing! Each week dancers will learn technique and choreography in ballet, tap and jazz. The growth that is possible when combining all three styles into one class period is both exciting and incredible! Combo 1 classes will perform only a tap and jazz dance in the recital. Combo 2 & 3 will perform dances in all three styles in the recital.

DANCE TEAM PREP is perfect for anyone who is already on a dance team or desiring to try out for one! In this 45 minute class dancers will improve technique and choreography retention. Each week they will be challenged to grow in their abilities in Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and basic jumps and turns technique. This will be a great opportunity to improve their skills to keep them looking sharp on their schools dance team! This is a technique class only and will not perform in the annual recital.

HIP HOP LEVEL 1 & 2 will create a fun and exciting environment. In this class dancers will learn stylized choreography that they will build upon for two weeks to master memorization. This class is perfect for boys and girls that have no prior dance experience and want an opportunity to perform. There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

HIP HOP MINI will introduce boys and girls to different styles of hip hop dance and even some jazz funk! Each class will consist of some stretching and conditioning as a warm up and will lead into learning short dance routines. Dancers will grow in skill, memory, and confidence! Each dance combo that is learned will be worked on for two weeks at a time giving them a chance to master the steps. There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

JAZZ will introduce each dancer to the world of rhythm! This class will energize and bring out the best in each dancer. Learning technique that evolved from years ago in the dance era and also in mainstream Jazz today. Jazz is a creative way to move and will surely allow each dancer to explore more of their personality. There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

JAZZ LYRICAL 1 & 2 will introduce two styles of dance. Each dancer will learn skills and choreography in both styles. This class will work on improving flexibility, balance, memorization of steps, and expressing movement connected to meaningful music. Lyrical gives each dancer the chance to take a message from a song and bring it to life through choreographed steps. There will be two dances performed in the recitals.

MUSICAL THEATER will offer dancers the opportunity to expand and grow in confidence in ways that they never imagined! We are so excited for this addition to our fall schedule! In this 30 minute class, dancers will be presented with choreography that pairs up with well-known musicals from all eras. Dancers will gain knowledge on how to pair acting and dancing together. Learning Musical Theater routines will produce a creative, fun and very energetic atmosphere that your dancer will not want to leave! There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

TAP will offer a variety of tap technique steps, as well as tap combinations that will improve coordination and syncopation in each dancer. Providing the ability to take music they hear and turn it into rhythm on the floor is both challenging and rewarding all at the same time! Learning tap creates a fun and exciting environment where dancers will develop many skills. Being trained in this style also helps dancers excel in other styles. There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

TINY TOTS "Tiny dancers" will learn about balance, coordination and rhythm. It will be a fun and encouraging environment that will allow them to grow using their imaginations and bodies to create dance steps. They will gain knowledge of ballet and tap technique and will learn how to create dance combinations individually and working with a group. They will also use props (bean bags/balls) to enable them to memorize and develop better fine motor skills. There will be one dance performed in the recitals.

For specific class information, please see pages 10-13 in our online activity guide:

Activity Guide

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The Byron Park District dance program includes five sessions. The fifth session ends with the Recital. Dancers performing in the recital must register for the second, third, fourth and fifth sessions. Attendance at dress rehearsal and the performance will be required. To perform in the recital, participants must be registered by November 4.


Date: TBD
Location: Byron Middle School Theater
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Recital A:
Date: TBD
Location: Byron Middle School Theater
Time: 1:00 p.m.

Recital B:
Date: TBD
Location: Byron Middle School Theater
Time: 5:00 p.m.

Costume Deposits

A costume deposit fee of 50% will be billed for each recital class at the beginning of session two. The remaining 50% balance will be billed at the beginning of session three.

Class Deposit Fee
Ballet Level 1 $60
Boys' Class $60
Combo 1, 2, & 3 $60
Hip Hop 1 & 2
Hip Hop Mini $50
Jazz Lyrical 1 & 2 $85
Musical Theater $60
Tap $60
Tiny Tots $50

Dress Code

Participants in the Byron Park District Dance Program are required to adhere to the following dress code:

Ballet Level 1: Pink ballet shoes are required for this class.

Boys Class: Athletic clothes, no jeans, black tap shoes and clean sneakers are required.

Combo 1, 2, & 3: Leotard, tights, athletic shorts or spandex shorts, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes, ballet shoes, hair pulled back.

Dance Team Prep: Tank tops, spandex shorts, leggings and fitted T-shirts will be acceptable for this class. Dancers will also need jazz shoes and clean sneakers.

Hip Hop 1 & 2: Athletic clothes, clean sneakers, hair pulled back.

Hip Hop Mini: Athletic clothes, clean sneakers, hair pulled back.

Jazz: Athletic clothes or leotard, black jazz shoes, hair pulled back.

Jazz-Lyrical 1 & 2: Leotard, spandex shorts, skirts, foot paws (nude), hair pulled back.

Musical Theater: Dancers will need both tap and jazz shoes.

Tap: Athletic clothes, black tap shoes, hair pulled back.

Tiny Tots: Leotard, tights, skirts or spandex shorts, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, hair pulled back.

NOTE: Shoes/attire can be purchased at Foot Lodge, Payless Shoe Store, and Walmart.